Further Materials Engineering

Vertical Aerospace Making Air Travel Personal, On Demand and Carbon Free

Development of electric Urban VTOL aircraft over 3 prototypes

The Secret History of Fighter Aircraft Engine Development in WW2

Authoritative account of wartime engine development.

Recent developments in advanced materials

Dr Helen Meese, Head of Engineering in Society at IMechE, talks about how advanced materials will strengthen the UK’s future.

Lessons learnt while inspecting steam turbine blades

Paul Crowther, Group Head - Inspection Management at RWE npower,talks about non-destructive testing inspections for low pressure last-stage blade roots.

Understanding varnish build-up in steam turbines

Jo Ameye, European Sales and Marketing Manager at Fluitec, explains the issues that can occur during varnish build-up on steam turbine and generator lubricants.

The Future of 3D Printing

Many companies that engage with GoPrint3D, soon to be Additive-X, are either new to Additive Manufacturing (AM) or have been deterred by perceived high entry costs of equipment, other companies are waiting to widen their AM capabilities. This talk will look at cost effective Additive Manufacturing, looking for the right solution and reducing the barriers to entry using case studies from our customer base to look at what can be achieved by replacing traditional manufactured parts for 3D Printed equivalents and how this has led to benefits beyond the item itself.

Birmingham Young Members How 3D Structured Light is Used in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is a vital industry in UK manufacturing and throughout the globe. There are more aircraft leaving the factories than ever before which puts pressure on OEM's to develop methods to speed up and develop processes to keep up with demand. Watch this webinar to hear how engineers at GOM UK and Physical Digital are employing 3D structured light in the aerospace industry, an understanding of the advantages over traditional tactile and visual checks and the expecting roadmap for this technology in the future.

Using Additive Manufacturing To Shape The Future

Find out how easy it can be to get started with Additive Manufacturing (3D printing); both at home and in the workplace. Throughout the webinar, you will learn how to design and print your own basic model and how Additive Manufacturing can be used alongside the traditional manufacturing methods in industry. You will gain knowledge of the principles, benefits and applications of Additive Manufacturing processes and be able to recognise the various approaches to design for Additive Manufacturing.

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