Lasers, a Solution Looking for a Problem

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Technical lecture
23 February 2022 18:00 - 19:00
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Lasers were invented 70 years ago and their use in various medical, industrial and artistic applications was ever-increasing.  This amazing tool have been seen as a solution to many industrial problems in materials engraving, cutting, joining, and fabricating, and the flexibility of the laser-materials interaction phenomena allowed the same light source to serve in entirely distinctive processes. In this talk, we will break down this complex phenomenon and make it easy to understand, and we will provide you with a decision-making tool to decide when lasers can be used in your applications and what challenges may arise when adopting such a process in any production line. We will also discuss many case studies from different industries and will present to you the latest advancement in this field.

Further about the speaker:

Ahmad has closely worked on a number of projects with national industrial partners such as Jaguar Land Rover, Advanced Laser Technology ltd, InnovateUK and international partners including China Railway Corporation and others. In 2016, he was nominated for the prestigious President’s Distinguished Achievement Award (Researcher of the Year) for his exceptional and dedicated work at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at University of Manchester.


Dr Ahmad Wael Al Shaer is a Senior Lecturer and the Course Leader of Manufacturing Engineering and his research area covers laser-based materials processing including: additive manufacturing, laser welding and cleaning and their simulations for industrial applications.


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