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IMechE Glasgow & South West Scotland

Event Feedback

At the conclusion of every event we ask attendees for feedback. We take this feedback seriously and are constantly striving to improve. Please see the summarised feedback from past events below.

This talk will be delivered by John Peters, Consultant at NEL. It will look at one of the unwanted bi-products of oil and gas production, sand particles in the oil/gas flow stream, often resulting in severe wear of equipment or even complete failure of pipework and down-hole equipment.

“ Impressed by the way of identifying erosion damage through models. However, I think that it is still difficult to simulate the field conditions. I would like to see some corrosion principles as the phenomenon is erosion-corrosion because the flow path is altered after the bends. ”

"I feel the speaker took an overly long time with the first slides then quickly rushed through the tail end of the talk."

"Impressed by speaker knowledge and examples of real life cases were interesting."

Speaker demonstrated thorough knowledge of subject. Room got “stuffy”

This event will be a visit to the Denny Boat Tank at the Scottish Maritime Museum. Further details to follow.

"Impressed with staff and tour. Could do with a PA/microphone. Good buffet."

"Impressive unique venue. Great enthusiastic speakers"

"Would have like to walk along the tank"

The UK company Bladon Jets is pioneering the development of micro gas turbines – small, light and clean-burning jet engines which will provide a new generation of green and efficient power units. Bladon Jets will give a technical talk on their work. Further details to follow.

“Lack of manufacturing/materials covered”

“The presentation did a great job of explaining the market and need for mini turbines – it would have been nice to have gained a bit more on the engineering specifics, where they are in R&D and how they have managed to pioneer this breakthrough technology”

“Very interesting subject and speaker kept people enthused”

“Not very audible (speaker)”

This talk will show a range of the applications being pioneered using nanofabrication at Glasgow including some of the development of the transistors that will be in your microprocessors in 2019 and many examples of where real nanotechnology is helping and aiming to improve the lives of many people.

“The presentation was easy to understand – not an easy thing to do when experience explaining to inexperienced”

“Very good presentation – mechanical applications maybe needed more emphasis”

“I found this presentation highly informative as well as educative”

“Not sure that the fears about effect on human biology were really addressed”

Attendees are invited to Vascutek at Inchinnan to find out more about the role of mechanical engineering in the design, development and manufacture of world class medical devices.

“Not much about product development process”

“The knowledge of the speakers was first class”

“Good range of subjects covered”

“Encouraging to see this high tech facility in this area”

“Sophistication of equipment impressive”

“Impressed with the quality in technology which is available to the University and the developments being made to produce high qualities equipment for worldwide companies”

“Would have been nice to see metrology equipment in action”

“Would love it if there was a possibility of seeing the machines in operation”

Highland Galvanisers Event Rating
We visited Highland Galvanisers near Cumbernauld. An interesting presentation covering many aspects of the process and application was followed by a tour of the factory, which was operating, so we could see the galvanising process in action.

“Good visitor areas with examples of the product”

“The sheer range of products and parts that get galvanised is amazing”

“Excellent presentation and knowledge of tour guide”

“Was surprised at the colours and short term turn around of the process”

Scottish Water Event Rating

We had an interesting lecture from Scottish Water about their flagship Glencorse Water treatment works.

“Excellent enthusiasm and clarity demonstrated by presenter”

“The presenter was very precise and knew the project from end to end”

“Impressed by demonstration of project management and use of education”

RAES Water Event Rating

We had our joint lecture with the Royal Aeronautical Society, at Prestwick Airport, on predicting fatigue life in aero engines.

“Excellent speaker knowledge and ability to answer a wide variety of questions”

“Venue was a little far away from usual venues, but worth the journey”

“Quite technically challenging. Some terminology not explained”

Terex Event Rating

Blog and photo's from the event

Facebook photo's from the event

Terex Visit

We visited the Terex factory near Motherwell. An interesting presentation about Terex and its products was followed by a fascinating tour of the factory, including a look at the big trucks.

“I was impressed by the openness of the tour and being able to see all aspects of the factory.”

“I was particularly impressed with the hugeness of everything!”

“Our guide was very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions”

“Manufacturing environment excellent. Extremely interesting”

Tennants Event Rating

On our first, and oversubscribed, visit of the year, 40 people visited the Tennent’s Brewery in Glasgow. We were presented with an overview of the factory and its operations, followed by a comprehensive tour of the factory and ending with a pint of beer in the onsite bar.

“The presentation and the walk around tour was excellent”

“Very impressed with the knowledge of the guys, and the venue”

“I was impressed with the way the whole tour was set up, and obviously, the free beer at the end!”

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