Message from the Chairman

Please explore this website and let us know what you think – there are sub-sites for each Area and the Young Members, but please don’t confine yourself to your nominal patch.

Welcome to 2021 and lets hope that as the year progresses we return to a more normal, i.e. face to face instead of Zoom, Teams, WebEx etc., way of meeting each other!

As this is unlikely to happen just yet your Regional and Area committees are utilising the technology that has recently been provided by IMechE HQ to set up and run on-line lectures.  As virtual lectures are not tied to geography, Areas are not running their own programmes but all collaborating to run a joint programme.  Lectures are therefore being advertised via the Thameswey Near You page. 

All our lectures continue to be free to attend and are for members and interested non members alike.  We are using Microsoft Teams to run our lectures and you don't need an IMechE IT account or an existing Microsoft Teams account to be able to participate.  We will try to ramp up our programme as 2021 progresses and are always interested in hearing from anybody who can arrange or themselves give a lecture.  Please get in touch so that we can discuss the possibilities.

In this new era of online lectures Regions are also collaborating and in some cases publicising each other's lectures.  Again on the basis of in the virtual world there is no local!

Finally, we are always looking to evolve and improve the things that we do. If you have any comments or suggestions, on any aspect of what we try to deliver as a Region, please feel free to provide us with feedback. This is the only way that we will be able to provide you with what you are looking for from the Institution and locally - unless of course you're ready to get involved!

Martin Nash

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