School liaison work within the Dorchester and Weymouth Area

School liaison within the local community is an important aspect of the Dorchester and Weymouth Area Committees activities.

Steve Stubbing (IMechE Dorchester and Weymouth Area School Liaison Officer) works in association with Dorset ASSET to support activities and events within local schools, promoting Science, Engineering and the use of Textiles to young potential engineers.

A selection of activity reports and events supported by the Dorchester and Weymouth Area Committee are listed below :-

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
201007 New Engineering Award at Colfox School Bridport - July 2010DOC3.93 MB28 Jul, 2011 Download
201002 Activity Report - February 2010PDF14.42 KB28 Jul, 2011 Download
201101 Activity Report - Jan 2011DOC27.50 KB28 Jul, 2011 Download
201006 Activity Report - June 2010DOC26.50 KB28 Jul, 2011 Download

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