About Us

The Area Committee exists to support the professional development of Institution members in Devon and Cornwall. We also hope to promote and celebrate engineering, encourage local people's engineering curiosity and inspire young people to consider engineering as a career.

See our short and long term goals below.

Long term objectives;

  • Be a committee that is representative of local engineers (promote diversity)

  • Establish Young Member Panels in Cornwall and Devon

  • Run the Cardboard Boat Race (CBR) at the Mayflower 2020 celebrations

  • Create a well-developed brand image locally

  • Establish links with local interest groups, institutions and educational groups

  • Develop partnerships with 5 youth groups

Short term goals;
  1. Improve communication to local members and interest groups, target specific groups and companies (education establishments, institutions, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) businesses, careers).

  2. Increase accessibility to committee meetings (locations). Aim for 8 in Plymouth (2 in Cornwall and 2 in Devon (not Plymouth)).

  3. Develop a social media strategy to increase social media footprint.

  4. Diversify CPD (Continuous Professional Development) events (lectures, debates, tours etc).

  5. Build on existing school partnership and identify other potential partnerships.

  6. Launch Cornwall IMechE group.

  7. Develop links with local interest groups and institutions (South West Careers, RINA, IET, IMarEST, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Manufacturers Group).

  8. Successfully plan and run the Plymouth IMechE CBR 2018, aiming to increase attendance on previous years.

  9. Initiate plans for a future Cornwall CBR or other competition and Mayflower 2020 CBR

  10. Hold minimum 2 social events per year (1 in Devon, 1 in Cornwall).

  11. Hold 3 large CPD events per year

  12. Attend local careers fairs (Apprentice Careers Fair, direct approach to every secondary school and their career fairs, Women In STEM Plymouth).

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