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Pages for Gloucester Area Committee Use

This page is intended for an area to store files, templates for the Gloucester Area committee.

Instructions for how to manage the files will be added later...

The page is hidden from Search Engines (or it should be).

List of Files in Event Organisation Folder
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
IMechE_Event_Process_Rev002PDF382.53 KB22 Nov, 2018 Download
IMechE Gloucester Blank Expenses FormDOC197.50 KB15 Nov, 2018 Download
IMechE Event Budgeting October 2018PDF51.04 KB15 Nov, 2018 Download

List of Files in the Committee Forms Folder
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Event RegistrationDOCX59.65 KB14 Jan, 2016 Download
140119_Registration_FormDOC211.50 KB19 Jan, 2014 Download
140119_Registration_FormPDF142.89 KB19 Jan, 2014 Download
Talk_Booking_form_Gloucester_20130205DOC57.50 KB05 Feb, 2013 Download
Events_Checklist_20130205DOC59.00 KB05 Feb, 2013 Download

List of Files in Poster Templates Folder
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Cyber- PosterPDF365.76 KB17 Nov, 2019 Download
JLR_V2DOC1.26 MB11 Jan, 2018 Download
UK Emergency Planning Event Poster2DOC371.00 KB11 Jan, 2018 Download
SMR-IMechE_Poster_v1DOC298.00 KB11 Jan, 2018 Download
Cots_Canal_V2DOC161.50 KB11 Jan, 2018 Download

List of Files in Events Folder
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
spp-poster-2022-OctPDF1.89 MB13 Sep, 2022 Download
Nicolson_Organs_Visit_v1DOCX1.07 MB27 May, 2022 Download
Tokamak_poster_vqPDF334.74 KB07 Apr, 2022 Download
SXS_Steamology_Poster_v2PDF537.10 KB26 Feb, 2022 Download
SPP_poster_2022_v4PDF925.25 KB13 Jan, 2022 Download
AAIBPosterpdfPDF424.98 KB27 Jun, 2021 Download
F35_posterPDF441.50 KB14 Apr, 2021 Download
Hynet_poster(1) pdfPDF738.39 KB03 Feb, 2021 Download
V3_IET-2020-Canal-Mar-v2PDF433.88 KB09 Mar, 2020 Download
SPP_PosterPDF1.12 MB31 Jan, 2020 Download
Routes_v2_Poster_13_05_20PDF502.79 KB13 Dec, 2019 Download
IET-2019-Pathways-Dec-v3PDF269.84 KB28 Nov, 2019 Download
2020_Vision_2PDF314.19 KB10 Oct, 2019 Download
Driverless2PDF391.21 KB02 Sep, 2019 Download
Poster_09_10_19PDF421.07 KB26 Jun, 2019 Download
Fuel_Cells_3PDF310.71 KB12 Jun, 2019 Download
Lean 6SigmaPDF688.09 KB22 Mar, 2019 Download
Poster_07_02_19_v3PDF496.22 KB29 Jan, 2019 Download
Energy_Waste_1PDF353.92 KB11 Jan, 2019 Download
GWSR_Poster_3PDF520.97 KB02 Oct, 2018 Download
Nature_Insp_EngPDF304.24 KB25 Sep, 2018 Download
gwsr_trainsJPG109.32 KB23 Sep, 2018 Download
Trent_Controls_PosterPDF339.04 KB22 Jul, 2018 Download
Remap_Glos_v3PDF600.50 KB08 Jul, 2018 Download
Salt Reactors - IMechE Poster - v1PDF158.29 KB16 Apr, 2018 Download
RAeS_G&C_branch_lecture_20March2018_GraphenePDF310.02 KB16 Mar, 2018 Download
Plaxx_ PosterPDF437.24 KB17 Feb, 2018 Download
Severn_Trent_IMechE Poster_v3PDF118.25 KB16 Feb, 2018 Download
3D_Printing_Talk_PosterPDF130.52 KB19 Jan, 2018 Download
Poster_The UK Energy Mix - Journey to 2050 v2[2651]PDF275.60 KB25 Apr, 2017 Download
SMR-IMechE_Poster_v1PDF488.15 KB15 Mar, 2017 Download
Rise_of_the_Drones_v2PDF516.28 KB15 Mar, 2017 Download

List of Files in the Directions Folder
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Hayden_STW_parking_mapPDF251.01 KB19 Feb, 2018 Download
Hayden_Severn_TrentPDF90.40 KB19 Nov, 2017 Download
Schlumberger_Location_APDF653.23 KB07 Oct, 2013 Download
How_To_Get_To_BarnwoodPDF118.30 KB28 Jan, 2013 Download
HUM Location Map_2010PDF114.05 KB06 Dec, 2012 Download
110816_MapDelphiPDF106.96 KB13 Oct, 2011 Download
IMechE Meetings - Directions to Messier DowtyPDF236.25 KB06 Oct, 2011 Download

List of Files in the Local Committee Meetings Folder
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
18042017 Gloucester Area AGM reportPDF445.24 KB14 May, 2017 Download
18042017 Gloucester Area AGM reportDOCX1.04 MB14 May, 2017 Download
Treasuers Report AGM April 2016PDF148.02 KB13 Apr, 2016 Download
Notice of AGM 2016PDF97.22 KB08 Apr, 2016 Download
AGM Minutes April 2015PDF529.16 KB06 Apr, 2016 Download
Chairs Report 2016PDF114.45 KB31 Mar, 2016 Download
AGM AGENDA 13-04-16PDF128.22 KB31 Mar, 2016 Download
AGM AGENDA April 2015_UPDATEDPDF199.58 KB21 Apr, 2015 Download
Treasuers Report AGM April 2015PDF88.26 KB21 Apr, 2015 Download
Treasuers Report AGM April 2015PDF88.26 KB21 Apr, 2015 Download
Chairs Report 2015PDF333.22 KB26 Mar, 2015 Download
AGM AGENDA April 2015PDF181.11 KB26 Mar, 2015 Download
AGM 2015 LetterPDF22.26 KB26 Mar, 2015 Download

List of Files in the Regional  Committee Meetings Folder

List of Files in Miscellaneous Folder
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Signing-In_Book-WebPDF34.80 KB03 Jun, 2014 Download

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