Pint of Science Bristol 2018: Moving Into the Future

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15 May 2018 19:00 - 22:00
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How things moved from point A to point B 100 years ago is very different to how they do so now. What will things look like 100 years in the future? Or even 10? Drones are hinted at as the future of logistics, but is this realistic? And how are we going to get around?

Come and find out with two talks about transport for the future as part of this year's Pint of Science Festival!

  • From Gulls to Drones - Cara Williamson (PHD Candidate @ Bristol Robotics Lab).
    Drones are increasingly featured in the media. They have potential as a quick to launch and low-cost platform able to fly at a suitably low altitude within the urban environment. However, there are technology hurdles to overcome before we see a futuristic skyline permeated with flying vehicles. We combine simplified Computation Fluid Dynamics models and empirical bird flight trajectories to identify the flight strategies of urban gulls. These flight strategies have the potential to be implemented on a Drone platform, improving flight performance and making the futuristic skyline a reality.
  • Urban Congestion: Challenges and Solutions - Professor Eddie Wilson.
    Quite obviously, the city of Bristol has a seriously problem with traffic congestion - it frustrates us, it hurts the economy and it damages our health. Why can’t the politicians get together and solve it? I’ll show in this short talk why that is no easy thing to do. However, fortunately, science can help out. I’ll show how with the right technologies, our city might become a much better place to live and travel in over the next 10-20 years.

Come early to grab a drink and a bite to eat before the talks begin.

Tickets are only £4 and available via the Pint of Science website.


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