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Tour of Andigestion Holsworthy Biogas Plant

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Technical visit
22 January 2022 11:30 - 13:00
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Join the IMechE committee on a tour of Andigestion Ltd.’s Holsworthy Biogas Plant. Holsworthy Biogas Plant provides a renewable, and environmentally friendly source of energy. Anaerobic digestion is a clean and sustainable method of dealing with category 3 animal by-products that would otherwise have to be rendered incinerated or composted, and other organic wastes that would finish up in landfill sites.

The plant processes a variety of organic waste materials, including waste food and fish waste, blood, washings and sludge’s from dairy and food processing plants, as well as household food waste. We also receive packaged food waste, which is put through a separator to remove the packaging from the organic material. The plant is licensed by DEFRA to treat category 3 animal by-products, such as blood and meat wastes, and the whole site is regulated by the Environment Agency via an Environmental Permit.
After pre-treatment the waste material is pumped into four large digesters, where vast colonies of microbes digest the food, fats and sugars in the wastes and turn them into biogas. Biogas is mainly methane, and is transformed into electricity on-site and exported to the national grid as well as powering the plant itself.

Meet at Holsworthy Biogas Plant at 11:30am for the tour of the plant. Please wear suitable foot wear for this tour.

There is a limited number of spaces so please book.


Holsworthy Biogas Plant
Holsworthy Biogas Plant
EX22 7HH
United Kingdom

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