Past Event Reports

The events below have all passed, but this page gives an overview of the broad range of subjects we cover.

Members and non-members are welcome to events,so feel free to bring your friends if they are interested in the topic.
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  • Accelerating Towards Sustainable Travel: Automobile Division Chairman's Address 2023

  • Classic Vehicle Social Event and David Brown Tractor Club Museum Tour 2022

  • Arrival – The Next Transport Revolution: The story so far

  • Communication in Engineering Competition (Viscount Weir) 2020

  • Our Regions's Formula Student Teams Showcase - Year 6

  • 100 Years of Bentley Motors - 2019 Automobile Division Chairman's Address

  • Autonomous vehicles – feasibility and fantasy

  • Automotive Investigations: Analysis of incidents and failures

  • Tractors and Sportscars - Classic Vehicle Social at David Brown Tractor Club & Museum

  • Aero development of the new Discovery

  • Restoration of the 1927 Grand Prix 8-cylinder FWD Alvis

  • Our Region's Formula Student Teams Showcase - Year 4

  • Communication in Engineering Competition (Viscount Weir) 2018

  • Turbochargers : High Speed and Temperature Challenges in Tribology

  • Aston Martin DB11 – The New V12 Engine

  • Passenger Car Hybrid Drivetrains Using Magsplit Technology

  • Our Region's Formula Student Teams Showcase - Year 3

  • The Bentley Bentayga

  • An Overview of Waste Heat Recovery on Heavy Duty Vehicles

  • How to Keep Petrol Heads and Environmentalists Happy - An Introduction to Lubrizol

  • 50 years of braking with JLR

  • Aston Martin - The All New DB11

  • Developments in Road Vehicle Braking

  • The Future of Intelligent Vehicles

  • The All New Land Rover Discovery Sport

  • Aston Martin Engineering - A Virtual Approach

  • Formula Student 2015 Update

  • Magsplit® - A new concept in hybrid vehicle drivetrains

  • Greenpower and Bloodhound SSC Updates

  • The Chain-Drive Frazer Nash

  • Aston Martin Vanquish

  • The History of Bugatti

  • Visit to Optare - Sherburn-in-Elmet

  • Aston Martin - The complete story of the Vantage

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions - can the automobile make a positive contribution

  • Real World simulation testing of advanced powertrain systems

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