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Aston Martin - The All New DB11

Automobile Division Yorkshire Centre with Yorkshire Region Northern Area
JCT600 Brooklands Aston Martin, Leeds, on Tuesday 14 June 2016

Speaker: Ian Minards
Director, Product Development, Aston Martin 

Ian Minards expertly described the engineering evolution of the latest edition in this iconic series of vehicles from Aston Martin, supported by a superb audio visual presentation.  From the original concept design we were taken on a complex but well-defined journey through computer aided engineering simulation, detailed design, manufacturing process development, prototyping and the combination of virtual and real testing. 

This encompassed the engine and drivetrain, the body and chassis, the electrical system, the interior, safety features and even the ergonomics of the control and feel of the car to the driver and passengers.  The importance of teamwork and the attention to detail in the development of this high end performance road car was a very strong feature of the talk and Ian Minards has been central to the entire process as the Director of Product Development.  An audience of 104 members and guests were very attentive throughout presentation and there was an extensive and varied question and answer session at the end.  The icing on the cake for the audience was the presence of a brand new DB11 in a stunning frosted glass blue colour which the speaker had driven to Leeds just for this event.

Martin Priest

15 June 2016

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