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The Future of Intelligent Vehicles

Automobile Division Yorkshire Centre
Sheffield Hallam University, on Tuesday 17 November 2015.

Speaker: Dr. Geoff Davis CEng FIMechE
Automobile Division Chairman (2015), and Chief Commercial & Technical Officer, Horiba MIRA Ltd.

Dr. Geoff Davis CEng FIMechE, the Chairman of the IMechE Automobile Division, visited Sheffield on 17 November to give his Chairman's Address to an audience of over 40 members and visitors from all over Yorkshire at Sheffield Hallam University. He gained his first degree from Swansea University, and then moved to Yorkshire to complete an MSc and PhD at Leeds University. His early career was spent with Ricardo in transmissions, including racing and extensive far East business development, and he moved to MIRA in 2009.

Geoff gave a fascinating analysis of the evolving computer power and artificial intelligence associated with road vehicles, supporting safety, efficiency, and convenience in everyday driving. He explained how human drivers currently benefit from 'driver assistance' and 'partial automation', and what the next stage in road vehicle automation means in terms of 'automated driving systems', including 'conditional automation', 'high automation' and 'full automation'. In each case the human driver retains overall control of the vehicle and can override the system at any time. He showed video clips of automated driving systems that are currently available, and explained the massive technology that is required to make them work. He expects automated driving systems to become commercially available on new vehicles within 5 years.

Dr. Davis' lecture was enthusiastically received by the audience, who asked many questions. The Chairman of the Yorkshire Centre Automobile Division Committee thanked Dr. Davis for his most interesting and thought-provoking lecture

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