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The History of Bugatti

Automobile Division Yorkshire Centre Technical Lecture  6 November 2012 at Leeds University – School of Mechanical Engineering

Speaker:  Richard Day – Curator of the Bugatti Trust

Richard Day is the current curator of “The Bugatti Trust”, based at Prescott Hill, Gotherington, Cheltenham. The trust was developed by Hugh Conway who was renowned as an expert on Bugatti history and along with a number of Bugatti enthusiasts collated an extensive store of drawings, photos and technical details for the Bugatti product. The trust now has in excess of 26000 documents, photos, drawings and technical data for Bugatti product which is supplied to owners and restorers worldwide. It now stands as the first and foremost authority on Bugatti product.

The evening commenced with a welcome from the AD Chairman, in which Steve Smith thanked Richard Day for what promised to be an interesting and informative lecture. Following this Professor David Barton received a vote of thanks and a presentation for his long service to the ADYC committee, as he steps down after many years’ service.

The Lecture by Richard Day covered the works of Etorre Bugatti from his first car design, at the age of 16, until the end of the 1950’s at which time Etorre’s sons were running the company. The lecture had a good mixture of technical and general information explaining how Etorre Bugatti faced and overcome various technical issues by redeveloping the engine design to gain his desired performance. We also learned how Etorre developed new machining methods and equipment to manufacture the ever changing automotive technology he used in his cars. As part of this development Etorre’s engineering skills allowed him to develop a series of race cars which competed and beat the might of Mercedes with his smaller and less powerful cars, bridging the gap between Mercedes and the rest of the field.

In addition to the automotive design and manufacture work, we learnt a how Etorre Bugatti was a wise entrepreneur and was able to seek out new investors throughput his entire carrier. This allowed Bugatti to branch into other forms of transport such as, bus, rail and air with limited success in each.

The lecture concluded with a questions and answers session, with a good mixture of questions on various technical aspects of Bugatti’s work and also covering his life and achievements. The evening closed with a vote of thanks to Richard Day from Steve Smith as ADYC chairman.

The event took place at the University of Leeds' School of Engineering with a total attendance of 84.

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