Critical thinking for process safety – How do you know your barriers are working?

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Technical lecture
02 March 2022 11:30 - 12:30
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This Process Industries Division Event has been organised by the Process Industries Division Centres in the North West and Yorkshire Regions, part of the Process Industries Community

A short recap of the explosion at the Buncefield fuels storage site in the UK will be followed by a panel discussion. Panelists will be drawn from across the process lifecycle from design, equipment manufacture, construction and operations to discuss how they ‘discover’ the performance of catastrophic incident prevention barriers in their context. Some of the important methods for identifying barrier performance – the means to give assurance – will be highlighted through the discussion, with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.


Although the Buncefield explosion occurred some time ago, it is useful to reflect on the lessons learned from this serious incident.  Organisations with catastrophic or process incident risks must monitor and manage those risks across the process lifecycle from design to eventual demolition – that means they should have a process to discover the status of risk reduction barriers applied in all of those phases – are those barriers as reliable as expected?  Are they still operational?  Are they understood?  Has change led to degradation?...

This webinar will focus on the third of the following questions posed by the UK Health and Safety Executive to industry following the incident at Buncefield.

  • Do you know what can go wrong?
  • Do you know what is in place to prevent that?
  • How do you know that is working?


The audience will be asked to consider and develop some key actions they can take to better understand the status of this aspect of risk management where they work and their part in that.


This is the fourth webinar in the series "Steal with pride: Learning Lessons for Success in Catastrophic Incident Prevention"


Panel: Richard Roff (Group Process Safety Manager Costain , Murat Islam (Mechanical Engineer John CraneUK Ltd), Pamela Robinson (Principal Mechanical Engineer Atkins), Limited), Stephen McEvoy(System Engineer Sellafield Ltd) Martyn S. Ralph (Owner & Consultant Focused Consultancy


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