IMechE has a presence in Pakistan, as a full Branch, since 1980s. However, the Pakistan Group of the Institution was reinvigorated in 2009, under the new International Strategy for Volunteer Network. Since then, Pakistan Group has grown steadily and is a consistently performing unit. The Group has been able to enhance IMechE’s footprint at academic institutions in Pakistan and has established credibility before the country’s corporate network. Increasingly, IMechE is seen as an active international society, genuinely interested in the growth and development of engineers in Pakistan.


To ensure adequate response and to balance activities close-at-hand for members, the Pakistan South Panel was founded in 2014, centered in Karachi. Sustained efforts has been made by IMechE Pakistan South Panel, thus augmenting the credibility of IMechE's activities and events in Pakistan. Deliberate and considered initiatives are taken for growth while Pakistan South Panel has started seeking support from IMechE HQ to initiate and align activities for setting up Pakistan Power Centre under IMechE Pakistan - IMechE Pakistan South Panel works closely with IMechE Pakistan Power Center to arrange learned activities for Students and Professionals. In addition to organising Industrial heat (SOfE) first time in south region two years ago in 2018 which is ongoing, an initiative of Power Lecture Series has also been taken in which professionals from reputable Organizations deliver lectures related to Power Industry to disseminate engineering knowledge. Other such events are also being planned to enhance the footprint of the Institution in the Country.


For the year, 2020-21, the Pakistan South Panel has an Executive Committee comprising of:


Mr. Farrukh Ali Khan, CEng MIMechE
Manager Mechanical Maintenance (B&T)
Hub Power Company Ltd, Karachi


Mr. Raza Khan, CEng MIMechE
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Polymers & Petrochemicals Engineering, NED University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Karachi

Hon. Secretary

Zeeshan Anwer, AMIMechE
Recent Graduate Engineer from NED University of Engineering and Technology

Hon. Treasurer

Mr. Uzair Jamil, AMIMechE
Turbine Engineer, Hub Power Company Ltd, Karachi

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