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Young Member Section Committee Election, 2020-2021

Nomination Result

Further to invitation for nomination in March 2020, the following valid nominations were received by deadline:





Mr TSE Hon Ming Mick

Mr POON Ka Kiu Kieran

Vice Chairman

Ms HON Yan Ling Coco

Ms WU Ying Kiu Rachel

Honorary Secretary

Ms YIU Man Wai Ashley

Mr FONG Kam Wai Kelvin

Honorary Treasurer

Ms WU Ying Kiu Rachel

Ms HON Yan Ling Coco

Public Relations Officer

Mr WONG Tin Lok Tim

Mr Ching Chun Hung John

Social Media Officer

Mr POON Ka Kiu Kieran

Mr TSE Hon Ming Mick

Ordinary Member

Ms WU Ka Pik Cathy

Mr LEUNG Man Ngai Anthony

Ordinary Member

Mr CHAN Kwok Wai Ken

Mr LO Kwun Yu Leo

Ordinary Member

Mr WONG Yiu Lam Ethan

Ms YIU Man Wai Ashley

Since there is only one nominee for each post opened, the person nominated will be declared elected at the
YMS Annual General Meeting which will be held on 24 April 2020.

Hong Kong Branch Committee Election, 2020-2021

We are honour to announce that our Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of the current Session will continue to serve the Branch Committee for 2020-2021. The Branch Officers for the Session 2020-2021 are as follows:


                    Branch Chairman - Mr Clement HW CHUNG

                    Branch Vice Chairman - Mr Chris WC CHONG

                    Branch Honorary Secretary – Mr Michael MB LEE

                    Branch Honorary Treasurer – Dr Vincent HO


For enquiry please contact IMechE Hong Kong Office
Tel: +852 3153 4186 / 3153 4182


Young Member Section Committee Election, 2020-2021

Invitation for Nomination

The YMS Committee is now inviting Nominations for Committee Election 2020-2021.

In accordance to Volunteer Handbook for the International Representative Network, the Committee has put forth the following slate nomination for members' consideration:

Post                                Nominee

Chairman                         TSE Hon Ming Mick

Vice Chairman                 HON Yan Ling Coco

Honorary Secretary          YIU Man Wai Ashley

Honorary Treasurer          WU Ying Kiu Rachel

Public Relations Officer    WONG Tin Lok Tim

Social Media Officer         POON Ka Kiu Kieran

Ordinary Member             WU Ka Pik Cathy

Ordinary Member             CHAN Kwok Wai Ken

Ordinary Member             WONG Yiu Lam Ethan

All nominations, together with required documents, must reach IMechE Hong Kong Branch Office by Monday, 23 March 2020.

If the number of candidates nominated for election does not exceed the number of vacancies, then the persons nominated shall be declared elected at the Annual Meeting. If the number of candidates exceeds the number of vacancies, the election of Committee members shall, at the discretion of the Committee, be decided by either a show of hands, or a ballot of such members presented at the Annual Meeting, or exceptionally by a postal poll of those entitled to vote.

For enquiry please contact IMechE Hong Kong Office
Tel: +852 3153 4186 / 3153 4182

Nomination Details and Nomination Form

Speak Out of Engineering (SOFE) North East Asia Region (NEAR) Final, 2019

IMechE Speak Out of Engineering (SOFE) North East Asia Region (NEAR) Final was successfully held on 14 December 2019 in Shenzhen. SOFE is designed to help develop verbal and visual communication in explaining technical mechanical engineering related subjects and have been running for years.

We were honored to have Ir Edmund Leung (Founder of IMechE Hong Kong Branch), Ir Louis Szeto (Regional Chair of IMechE NEAR) and Ms Angie Tai (Members of IMechE HKB China Subcommittee) as the panel of judges. After all the fantastic performances by the contestants, Ms Yip Wing Hay Selena was awarded the Champion with a cash prize at £300 and Mr Zheng Xiaoyu was awarded the first runner up with a cash prize at £200. She will participate in the International SOFE at Dubai in April 2020 on behalf of NEAR.

Selena was graduated from the University of Hong Kong and currently working as a graduate trainee at the CLP Power Hong Kong Limited. Selena shared her work in University of Hong Kong regarding the novel thin-film actuator based on nickel hydroxide-oxyhydroxide with the judges and audience. novel thin-film actuator is actuated by various stimuli such as electrochemical potentials, light and humidity change and is able to achieve functionalities unattainable by conventional robots such as interacting with delicate things, producing miniature robots and creating artificial muscles.

Selena and all the contestants gained treasurable experiences and were advised by the honorable judges for improvement on their presentation skills. Here is to wishing Selena great success in the upcoming competition!

YMS Speak Out for Engineering, 2019

Final Result:

Champion: Yip Wing Hay, Salena

First runner up : Wu Cho Hom, Anson

Congratulations to our champion, Salena, who will represent Hong Kong to join the NEAR competition in ShenZhen on 14/12/2019. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success!

Hong Kong Mentorship Scheme (HKMS) - now calling for expressions of interest for Mentors and Mentees

The objective of the Hong Kong Mentorship Scheme is to encourage and support mechanical engineering graduates and young mechanical engineers to become a member of the Institution and register with the Engineering Council (UK) as a Chartered Engineer (CEng MIMechE).

Based on our past success for the implementation of the Professional Development Tutorship Programme (PDTP) since 2006 in Hong Kong, IMechE Hong Kong Branch aims to re-formulate the more structural and comprehensive professional development scheme named “Hong Kong Mentorship Scheme (HKMS)” to assist our young members and guide them to become the Professional Mechanical Engineer (CEng MIMechE or IEng MIMechE).  The HKMS was introduced and formally launched on 26 April 2012 for our members. (Associate Member)

Make a Difference. Be a Mentor.
We received comments from our young members over the years that there are few companies offered structured training and they have difficulties in locating sponsors for applying IMechE as Corporate Member (MIMechE). There is a gap between the time after their graduation and before ready for IMechE Corporate Membership interview. Therefore, the HKMS is aiming to bridge the gap.  As a Mentor, you will play an important role in shaping a young engineer's professional future.  We have online resources (Guide to be an MPDS and SRS Mentor) on hand to support you during the scheme. Through the quarterly and annual report assessment and regular contacts to encourage, provide support and suitable advice to the young engineers in obtaining professional qualification in IMechE.  

Become a Mentee
As a Mentee you will work one-on-one with your Mentor to develop your career plan. Your Mentor will also provide advice about what life will be like after you graduate.  You will be given a login accessing a web-based records management system tool called Career Developer for recording your professional development progress. You are required to report quarterly and annually and your Mentor will make an annual assessment of your competence against UK-SPEC.  A Mentee should always actively seeks support and guidance in your career and professional development from your mentor. As a Mentee, you always have ultimate responsibility for your career and professional development.

The HKMS will provide a platform to knit Associate Members and Members together. Hence young Associate Members could have experienced Members in the Institution to go for when he has doubts in personal development and career development.  Also, it aims to provide the opportunity to seek advices so one could develop the necessary competence and commitment required of a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or Incorporated Engineer (IEng) under IMechE.

Now, if you have interest to join HKMS as the Mentor to assist and guide the mentees or join as the Mentee, please download and complete the Mentor or Mentee application form  and return to IMechE Hong Kong Office by email or by fax: 852 2894 9885.

Hong Kong Mentorship Scheme (HKMS) Guidelines
Mentor Reply Form
Mentee Reply Form

Contact Person: May Ting on 852 3153 4182 /Jenny Chan on 852 3153 4186
Coordinator: Dicky Poon on 852 9689 9582 or email 

Social Gathering

IMechE Dragon Boat team in Hong Kong Inspires Young Engineers

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE) dragon boat team – MECH Dragon(機械龍), has been the one of stimulus trigger point for every members across from engineering industry to chase for. The team have achieved good results year after year with greatest teamwork contribution from every individual team member and the eager to search for improvement. With the commitment, motivation, intensity, willpower and not to miss out the eagerness in paddling, unifies a group of members to practice twice per month to boost up the power, stamina and team spirit.

In 2015, the team have participated 3 dragon boat races, Stanley International Dragon Boat Championship, Ap Lei Chau Dragon Boat Race, and Sai Kung Dragon Boat Race, competing against the top professional dragon boat teams in Hong Kong. The team is now recruiting for more new members with passionate and desire for the excitement of dragon boating, to be part of the team – MECH Dragon (機械龍). 

The Hong Kong Branch has also formed a football team by our enthusiast members. Through training and practicing exercises, the members of the Dragon team and Football could appreciate the importance of working together in a “TEAM: Together Everyone Achieve More” and expand your social network in engineering field.

For those interested members, please register your contact through email with the captain of the two teams:-
Dragon Boat team: Mr. Michael Lee, Email.
Football team: Mr. Raymond Man, Email.

Click here for PE article on Hong Kong MECH Dragon
View some of the highlights on YouTube

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