Young Engineers Forum

The Young Engineers Forum is an informal social gathering that provides a venue for developing engineers to share their ideas and experiences. We invite a different guest speaker to each meeting to talk about their experiences and insights on a variety of topics which aimed at enabling our members to diversify their knowledge and contribute to their professional development.

For information on upcoming events, please see our Events page.

Past Events:




13 March 2015

Zero Net Energy Building Dr Albert So Photos
 18 July 2014 Forensic Engineering on Traffic Accident (Part 2)

 Ir KK Lo Photos

29 June 2012

Forensic Engineering on Traffic Accident (Part 1)

 Ir KK Lo


16 March 2012

Propulsion theories of Undefined Flying Object (UFO)

 Dr Albert So


10 Dec 2011

Leadership quality

 James Kwan JP/ Stephen Tetlow


7 Oct 2011

Financial Management for Young Engineers

 Isabelle Lo


24 June 2011

Legal Matters and Engineers

 Ir Peter Wong


 15 Oct 2010 Dos and don'ts when working in China

 Ir Fong, Chun-yan Photos

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