Technical Talk - Developing your career : Using Python and Cultural Diversity to Your Advantage

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Technical lecture
27 September 2021 19:30 - 21:00
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Webinar Date : Monday 27th September
Time : 19:30 Singapore Time

Our first speaker is Nicholas Chen who has been a successful marine propulsion engineer, a training manager with SMRT and now has diversified again into Curriculum Development.  He is an expert in the use of Python in many different applications.

Pradeep Mathur will give us our second talk which will neither be about engineering nor finance. It’s about a subject which affects us all in a smaller or larger degree regardless of where we work.

  “Globalisation” has been a buzzword since   1990s. It is essentially an integration of   commercial world on a global basis giving rise   to  “global workplaces” as many people from   different countries come together to perform   tasks either in their own country or in a   different  country. They could be colleagues,   collaborators, suppliers or clients. They bring   with them their own culture, work habits, talents and prejudices, beliefs and inclinations. One of the challenges today is to manage this diversity.

Globalization may have lost its lustre a little bit in recent years, but the clock is unlikely to be turned back. The Covid 19 crisis has created another phenomenon of “remote working” which is likely to strengthen the trend. Global workplace is not going away any time soon.

Pradeep brings over three decades of experience working in different countries and managing diverse teams. He has conducted business in five continents and managed teams based in many counties. He will share his experiences in navigating this issue via live examples and anecdotes.

Pradeep Mathur joined State Bank of India as a management trainee in 1972 and worked in various managerial positions in India  before going to Tokyo. Since then, he has spent 30+ years in international investment banking living and working with major international Banks in senior managerial positions in Japan, Hongkong, China, Singapore, Canada and the UK. 

Pradeep speaks Japanese and Chinese and now devotes his time to mentoring and volunteer work.

What will you learn?

  • Appreciation of Python if you are a novice. A good source of reference for users of Python.
  • How to prepare yourself for stepping out of your normal work environment when you start a new journey.
  • Reflect on what you did when you ventured out and what could have been better. 


Local IMechE member Nicholas Chen, is an expert in the Python programming language and Pradeep Mathur who, although studying Nuclear Engineering and Relativity at university, went on to have a very successful career in world banking managing a wide range of culturally diverse teams


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