Special announcement for all members in Malaysia.



The IMechE South East Asia Development Manager, Mr. Zen Teng has created a new session called  “Virtual Drop In”. If you are unable to attend the full length professional registration presentation but have some specific questions that need to be answered, this virtual drop in session would be ideal for you. You can drop in and drop out of the session once you have your queries handled.

Visit this link for more information and register yourself for these sessions!

October 2020



It’s time for this year’s annual National Speak Out for Engineer (SOfE) for Malaysia Branch! Calling out for participations from all our Young Members Sections of the IMechE Malaysia Branch to compete of being the best at presenting and explaining your selected technical topics. You will be competing with the other Associate Members and Affiliate Members of the IMechEchE.

View SOfE_Msia_2020 poster for more information.

October 2020



Thanks to the members who attended the AGM on 10th August 2020. It’s a great honour to be re-elected as the Chairman. The Committee Members of 2019/2020, including the Honorary Internal Auditors, Young Member Section (YMS) and Student Chapters have contributed much in the past year for the growth of the IMechE Malaysia Branch. I would like to express my appreciation to them for their great efforts. We, the newly elected Committee, are looking forward to serving you. We wish to meet you in our planned activities albeit most of them are online events due to current COVID-19 RMCO. I wish that all of our members stay safe and connected.

Ir. Eddie Lim Hok Lian.

September 2020



The 20th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was successfully held on 10th August 2020 at the Royal Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to those members who attended. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Standard Operating Procedures as per recommended by Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia, have been observed throughout the AGM. The Chairman of 2019/2020 Session, Ir. Eddie Lim chaired the AGM. The Chairman’s report was presented to the members. Ir. Eddie Lim thanked the 2019/2020 Session Committee Members, the Honorary Internal Auditors, YMS and Student Chapters for their effort and contributions throughout the session. 

The Chairman also thanked members who contributed towards the facemask donation made by IMechE Malaysia to Hospital Kuala Lumpur, as well as Asia Pacific University Student Chapter who 3D printed 250 face shields, and Heriott-Watt University Student Chapter who 3D printed face mask buckles for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Honorary Treasurer’s report was presented by Ir. Gerald Victor, and approved before the election of office bearers and Honorary Internal Auditors.

A resolution on amendment to Clause 8.3 of the constitution was tabled. The Chairman explained on the origin of this clause that states that "All members of the Committee and every officer performing executive functions in the society shall be Malaysian citizens", and the concern to remove it. Based on discussions with members present, Clause 8.3 will remain, however, rephrased as "All members of the Committee and every officer performing executive functions in the society shall be IMechE members residing in Malaysia". This resolution was then voted and approved based on simple majority. The amendment to Clause 8.3 would only be reflected in the Constitution upon approval from the Registry of Society (ROS).

Besides, the annual report for the Young Members Section (YMS) 2018/19 was tabled at the AGM by the YMS Chairman, Mr. Joel Bharath. Mr. Zen Teng, the IMechE South East Asia Regional (SEAR) Business Development Manager, then presented a short presentation on the membership statistics as well as his activities to encourage membership growth. He also noted that all Professional Review Interviews (PRI) are currently being conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ir. Chua Yaw Long, the SEAR YMS Chairman, was also invited to provide a short presentation in which he noted that all members are encouraged to join the weekly webinars organised.

September 2020



IMechE South East Asia Business Development Manager will be providing online professional development workshops. Please find the event details for the 3rd Quarter 2020 in the link below.
2020_3rd Quarter Online Webinars for SEA

Interested members and non-members can register using this link.

June 2020




IMechE Malaysia Branch YMS had conducted its first virtual AGM on the 30th of May 2020 from 10am to 11am. The virtual AGM was well attended by 44 members including guests from Malaysia main committee, Brunei and Singapore.

The YMS chair Mr. Ng Kun Yong welcomed the 21st and latest IMechE Student Chapter, the MAHSA University IMechE Student Chapter. There is a 30% increase of the Affiliate grade members in year 2019 compared to 2018. Kun Yong attributed this increase to the commitments of the YMS committee members despite this is a voluntary position. He also highlighted the achievements of YMS. Some of the notable achievements are organising the IMechE Leadership Conference 2019, hosting the SoFE SEAR at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), organising Insight2019 and various talks and workshops. YMS committee also wish to highlight achievements of Mr. Boshaga, runner-up of International SoFE 2019 competition at New Delhi and student chapters of Heriot-Watt University, UITM and UTAR for winning the Global Engineering Design Solution Challenge.

Other highlights of the AGM was the talk by Mr. Zen Teng, Business Development Manager sharing the tools and resources available at IMechE nearyou website and youtube channel. Mr. Chua Yaw Long, Vice-Chair, International Young Member Committee, shared his three main goals to support YMS members and committee. 

The goals are:

1. To support paying young members in their personal continuous professional development.
2. To support the operations and development of all student affiliate members.
3. To promote IMechE YMS to general public.

YMS committee thank all participants for their attendance.
Stay safe.

May 2020


Ir. Chua Yaw Long has been elected to the position of Vice-Chair, International Young Member Committee. His term of appointment is from May 2020 to May 2023. Ir. Chua graduated with a B.Eng. Aerospace from Universiti Putra Malaysia and MSc in Control Systems from University of Sheffield, UK. He has served as lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering departments of various universities in Malaysia. Chua is an Academic Liaison Officer for IMechE UNITEN Student Chapter for three years. Actively engaging with IMechE in Malaysia, in South East Asia Region, and with Young Members Section from the SEAR region. Gaining invaluable experiences in handling Young Members' activities, Ir. Chua hope to contribute more as IYMC Vice Chair. 

Congratulations Ir. Chua!


May 2020



The current COVID-19 pandemic has raised virus transfer threats and the shortage for PPE kits for frontline workers in Malaysia.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)’s IMechE Student Chapter in partnership with IMechE Malaysia Branch ventured into 3D printing of PPE face shields to help protect vulnerable frontline workers for healthcare and essential services. 

Face shields perfectly replace regular masks as a more comfortable and more effective deterrent to COVID-19. Face shields, which can be affordably produced via 3D printing, assembled in quick manner and distributed, should be included as part of strategies to safely and significantly reduce transmission in a community setting.

Within APU, a joint venture was formed between the IMechE Student Chapter and APU’s Centre for Robotic Engineering (APCORE). Under the guidance of APCORE academic head Mr Suresh Gobee (CEng-IMechE), students Calvin Lim, Teoh Kean Hao and Kenneth Lee.

The 3D printing process generated complex three-dimensional objects from computer-aided designs completed by the students who are all studying BEng (Hons) in Mechatronic Engineering. Rapid prototyping was put in place to ensure smooth printing of the 3D printed face shield which is connected to a headband. The face shield or visor is made from a special polymer that repels viruses and bacteria. Unlike a face mask that is only covering the nose and mouth, a visor provides a 180-degree protection of the face, and also prevents the person from touching the face. The face shields are sustainable, can be washed, disinfected and reused multiple times. The students also got guidance from 3-D Printing Malaysia Community.

“In times of crisis, institutions like APU and IMechE have defined a social responsibility to mobilise students, resources and their engineering capabilities in the service of those who need it most,” said Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chief Innovation Officer, Professor Ir. Ts. Dr. Vinesh Thiruchelvam, who is also the IMechE SEAR Chair and was instrumental in driving the initiative.

Prof Vinesh’s vibrant connections with the local industry allowed for APU face shields to be delivered safely and used productively by port essential workers in Port Kelang and healthcare staff at Hospital Putrajaya.

Kudos to Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Vinesh and his team!

Stay safe.

May 2020



COVID 19 pandemic that struck the world by storm and affected the daily norms of human civilizations since the first quarter of 2020 had given rise to numerous kind souls with generous efforts to combat the situation. It hadn’t stop the engineering profession from contributing to the society at large. Every single bit of contribution to the medical team, who are the very front liners safeguarding the health of billions of people, are worthy of appraisal.

Mohd Nurezman, a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student from Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (HWUM) was striving to support the frontliners in hospitals in Malaysia during the MCO (Movement Control Order) period. The project was inspired by the initial discussions with the 3D printer community and MakerZ (a maker club in HWUM), to help aid the frontliners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After collecting various feedback and inputs from medical practitioners, the team discovered two major challenges that were on the current usage of face mask by frontliners when performing their duty. The front liners are affected by ear irritation from wearing the mask for too long, and females medical team members who wear hijab are unable to wear the mask quickly due to the hijab.

Knowing the available design of mask buckle that could ease this unpleasant experience, and demand from medical teams, Nurezman engineered his way in supporting the frontlines. The design of the face mask buckle is as shown. The design has multiple hooks per side, giving access for a quick hook for the ear-loop face masks making it an essential accessory for everyday mask wearers. With support from his parent and utilising 3D printing technology, he mass-produces and distributing around 2400 mask buckles to hospitals such as Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Hospital Putrajaya and Hospital Penang in Malaysia.
Kudos to Nurezman and his team!

Stay safe.

May 2020


IMechE Malaysia Branch and members donated 1000 pieces of KN95 masks to Hospital Kuala Lumpur. IMechE Malaysia Branch chairman, Ir. Eddie Lim delivered the masks to HKL on 6th May 2020.

List of contributors below:
IMechE Msia Branch;   RM1350
Samuel Choy;   RM1000
Ang Jen Ken;   RM500
Barry Gardner;   RM500
Ir. Dr. Balamurugan Annamalai;   RM200
Chan Chee Kiat;   RM200
Choong Pooi Ying;   RM200
Ir. Chow Chee Choy;   RM200
Ir. Chua Yaw Long;   RM200
Ir. Eddie Lim Hok Lian;   RM200
Ir. Gerald Victor;   RM200
Ir. Dr. Lau Ee Von;   RM200
Leom Meng Zhe;   RM200
Prof. Ir. Dr. Ong Kok Seng;   RM200
Tay Tee Tiong;   RM200
Stephen Windsor;   RM100
Yap Chen Leong;   RM100
Zen Teng;   RM100
Agus Irawan Bin Hasanudin;   RM50
Rafidah Binti Hasan;   RM50
Thian Qi Zhe;   RM50
Total   RM6000

IMechE Malaysia would like to thank all contributors for their donations.

Stay safe.

May 2020


While our physical offices are closed, we remain on hand to support our members continuously. As such, we would like to continue running the Applications Workshop remotely.

For registration and further enquiries, please contact Mr. Zen Teng at

Please refer to the flyer for more details.

Stay safe.

March 2020


The Prestige Awards 2020 is now open for application/nomination. Registration closes on 31st March 2020. Nomination for the awards opens to members and non members.



Ir Chua Yaw Long passionately serves and upholds the good name of IMechE as a dedicated IMechE volunteer. Holding his current position as the SEAR YMS representative, he has taken the initiative to reach out to the Young Members of Malaysia, Singapore or Brunei branch to ensure that all Young Members  in the SEAR region have sufficient support for their activities.

Prior to his tenure as the SEAR Young Members Representative, he demonstrated his selflessness during his tenure as the Academic Liaison Officer of the IMechE UNITEN Malaysia Student Chapter, willingly sacrificing his time and effort in guiding and grooming his students to be a better person, not only for student members in UNITEN, but also  other universities by volunteering as guest speaker and also training other student chapters in providing STEM outreach workshops. Additionally, his persistence in supporting other IMechE members by motivating in self-development by means of volunteering in various organisations including IMechE to pick up relevant soft skills. His selflessness and his work ethic makes him a great role model for other IMechE members.

Feb 2020


Student application form online / mobile is now available.
Register now at

October 2019



Two sessions of the Application Workshop will be held on the 28th September and 26th October 2019 for affiliates who are interested in becoming an associate member. 
Please refer to the flyer for more information

To register, please send in your details to Mr. Zen Teng

September 2019


IMechE Malaysia is proud to introduce its inaugural Young Member Award and Best ALO award.

Nominations are open now until 30th September 2019.
Nomination can be emailed to the Hon. secretary at

Award Announcement
Nomination Form

September 2019


Prof. Dr. Ir. Ts. Vinesh Thiruchelvam is a Professional Engineer with over 22 years’ experience in engineering education/academia, ICT, operations & maintenance, facility management, design and project management in various industries ranging from building services/property, oil & gas, district cooling plants, co-generation power plants and the port industry. He has managed deliveries of international projects in the Maldives, India, Russia, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia. He was the principal engineer on Malaysia’s first Waste to Energy technology transfer programme from 2002 to 2004, head of a port’s O&M division from 1998 to 2002 where he managed the facility management, operations & maintenance programmes and technical teams. 

Having moved to the Middle East in 2005, he focused his specialization mainly in the building services/property/infrastructure sector primarily in designing sustainable and energy efficient buildings, rail and airports.  During his Middle East stint, he also lectured in the Masters in Energy and Masters in Sustainable Design programmes and designed curriculums to suit local employment needs at the British University Dubai (BUiD) and Heriott Watt University (HWU) Dubai campuses. 

Upon returning back home to Malaysia in 2012, he took up the position of Head of Engineering School and in 2014 he was promoted to Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Technology (FCET) at Asia Pacific University (APU). In 2019, he was promoted to Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) and Chief Innovation Officer for the APIIT Education Group.

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Ir. Ts. Vinesh!


July 2019


It is with great pleasure and honour to announce that our current IMechE Malaysia committee member, Mr. Chua Yaw Long has been elected the IMechE South East Asia Region Young Members Section representative.

Mr. Chua graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2000, with a B.Eng (Hons.) in Aerospace Engineering and subsequently completed his MSc in Engineering in Control Systems in the University of Sheffield. He then obtained his C.Eng. from Engineering Council, UK in 2016.

He began his academic career as a Lecturer in Tunku Abdul Rahman College in 2002, and later moved to INTI International University and SEGI University. He is currently lecturing in Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering.

Besides active in IMechE, Mr. Chua also served as committee member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia's (IEM), Engineering Education Technical Division (E2TD). Currently, he helm the IEM STEM Promotion Subcommittee. 

Mr Chua also serves as the Academic Liaison Officer for IMechE UNITEN Student Chapter since 2017. Under his leadership, the student chapter has improved by leaps and bounds. Notable achievements include, winning the Best Student Chapter award for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018, producing 1 SOfE National Champion, producing 2 SOfE National Runner-ups, producing 2 South East Asia Regional SOfE Champions. Recently, another member of UNITEN Student Chapter was the Runner-up of Global SOfE Finals 2019 in New Delhi. The student chapter had also secured grant from IMechE UK to conduct STEM related activities in 2018.

Congratulations to Mr. Chua!


July 2019


Following the Special Meeting of the Institution last year, a governance review has been initiated to consider how we take the Institution forward and modernise our governance.

The Governance Review team would like all members to have the opportunity to contribute and have their say in this important initiative. You can return your thoughts and comments directly to me as your regional representative by emailing and I will try and arrive at a regional view of all inputs. 

Alternatively, if you wish you can send your response direct to the Governance Review Team via the short questionnaire (, which shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time to complete.


All comments will be treated in confidence. Please note that responses are requested by the 18 February 2019.

Thank you for your support and participation.

Prof Dr Ir Ts Vinesh Thiruchelvam.
SEA Region Chair.


Jan 2019


Graduated in the past year but still an Affiliate member? 

Become an Associate Member now and work towards your professional registration. Check out: Become an IMechE Member.

Jan 2019



Our Immediate Past Chairman, Prof. Ir. Dr. Ong Kok Seng has been announced as the winner of the International Strategy Board (ISB) Volunteer Service Award 2018. Congratulations to Prof. Ong!

Prof. Ong graduated from Imperial College of Science & Technology, London with BSc & ACGI in 1965 and subsequently completed his MSc and DIC (1966) and PhD (1970). He returned to Malaysia and joined the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaya as a lecturer. He was then promoted to Associate Professor in 1981 and Professor in 1998, and held the post of Deputy Dean before retirement in 1998.

After formal retirement, Prof. Ong joined various private institutions of higher learning and is currently a Professor in the Industrial Engineering Department at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus, Perak, Malaysia. His current research interests are in Solar Energy, Heat Reclaim, Heat Pumps, Heat Pipes, Energy Conservation, Thermoelectric and Photovoltaic Cooling.  He has authored over 190 research papers in Journals, Conferences, Book Chapters and Books.

Prof Ong has served IMechE for 56 years to date. He has been a member of IMechE since his student days in Imperial College from 1964 and he is currently one of the longest active members of IMechE in Malaysia. Prof. Ong is a FIMechE, UK, (1991), CEng UK, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (1990) and a Registered Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (1974).

Prof Ong was one of the founding members of IMechE Malaysia Branch in 1997. He was Protem Chairman for three consecutive terms (1997/98, 1998/99, 1999/2000) during which time he provided valuable leadership and guidance towards the formation of the Malaysia Branch in 2000 by obtaining the approval of the Registrar of Societies, Malaysia. At the first Annual General Meeting in 2001, Prof. Ong was elected as the inaugural Chairman for the term 2001/02 and re-elected for 2002/03. He has also served as Chairman for three further terms (2009/10, 2016/17, 2017/18). He has extensive experience and insight in Institution matters and has contributed his leadership skills to the Malaysia Branch and continues to provide invaluable guidance in the affairs of the Branch to various Malaysia Branch Committees till to date where he is immediate Past Chairman.

Prof. Ong was also a founding member of the Malaysian Chapter of ASHRAE and held various posts such as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary from 1987 – 1991. He was the Honorary Engineering Consultant to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society and UNHCR from 1985 – 1991. He was awarded the Malaysian Red Crescent Society Meritorious Service Medal in 1990.

Dec 2018



Due to a personal matter, Ir. Mathew Thomas has announced his resignation as the IMechE SEAR Chairman in December 2018.

Ir. Mathew Thomas was also the Past IMechE Malaysia Chairman, who has contributed vastly in developing and supporting the IMechE SEAR and the local branch. He has helped to make tremendous growth of membership during his tenure. Ir. Mathew was the winner of the International Strategy Board (ISB) Volunteer Service Award in Year 2016.
Ir. Mathew would still remain as the Committee Member of IMechE Malaysia Branch. The IMechE Malaysia Branch Chairman, Prof. Ir. Dr. Vinesh Thiruchelvam has been appointed as the Interim SEAR Chairman until May 2019.

Dec 2018


It is with great pleasure and honour to announce that our Immediate Past Chairman, Ir. Mathew Thomas was nominated the winner of the International Strategy Board (ISB) Volunteer Service Award, for his work over the last 14 years supporting members of all grades within Malaysia. This award is a huge achievement (not only surpassing the other 7 applicants worldwide), but shows how much Ir. Mathew has volunteered and provided real commitment to the profession, representing the Institution with such enthusiasm.

As the winner of the ISB Volunteer Service Award, Ir. Mathew will be receiving a certificate signed by the ISB Chairman, Prof. Alan Lau as well as given the opportunity to attend an IMechE conference of his choice from the list of conference that IMechE has identified. IMechE will also pay all reasonable expenses to attend the conference including travel, accommodation and subsistence up to the value of £1000.

Congratulations once again, Ir. Mathew!

Dec 2016

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