Welcoming Messages From the Board of Committee

Message from the Chairperson!

Greetings and a warm welcome to you all. I am delighted to extend cordial hails from the IMechE UNITEN Student Chapter web section. This page is well governed by our bunch of young and dynamic Universiti Tenaga Nasional IMechE Affiliate members.

We really hope that our page is effective, as we strive to engage and collaborate with students through means and methods of the corporate world. We further strengthen this by being the best organizing committee in a wide array of educational related events. 

Indirectly, the events organized by our Student Chapter have profoundly impacted our campus undergraduates. The success achieved is thoroughly from the continuous hard work from our newly appointed Academic Liaison Officer, Dr. Meenaloshini Satgunam and the entire board of committees. We strive to preserve our good standards constantly along with upgrading them in due time.

You can learn more about our forthcoming agendas and events by taking a sneak peek of our well perpetuated IMechE Uniten Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts, and not forgetting the Nearyou page here. All of the event details and posters will be posted immediately from time to time on our respective pages. 

Also, on the CONTACT US section, we’ve appended our new Board of Committees list for term 2019/2020. Feel free to send in your inquiries via our respective email addresses. We will get back to you within 3 working days.

In a nutshell, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who were involved with the inception and preservation of the IMechE UNITEN Student Chapter. It is the hard work and perseverance of professionals like them that laid the path for us to succeed today.

Here’s to a great year for all of us.

Thank you.

Yours truly, 

Puven Alvin Victor
President of IMechE-UNITEN Student Chapter Term 2019/2020.                            


Message from the Vice Chair!!

Hey there visitor!

Welcome to our IMechE-UNITEN near you website. Our committee and members are full of friendly people. Practically we are family. Want to join the family? Visit our contact us tab (its on the left side, you can’t miss it) and drop any of us an email. Questions, enquiries or even wisdom (to a certain extent) you name it, don’t hesitate to buzz us, we don’t bite.

Whether you're visiting here for business or just want to say hi, we welcome you and hope you find your visit to this website a pleasant one. We encourage you to use this website to assist you in finding information about our past events and future events.

Don’t forget to check out our newsletter, where you can find the highlights of everything and anything we do.

Also, gorgeous visitor, please do follow our social media pages to get a heads up on our next big event/project.

Thank you for dropping by. But seriously though, drop me an email.  Hope you have a great day fam.


Christopher James

Vice President of IMechE-UNITEN Student Chapter Term 2020

Message from the External Relations Manager !


Greetings visitor, I am Wan Nur Alyaa Binti Wan Mohd has been elected as the External Relation Manager for term 2020 for IMechE UNITEN Student Chapter. It has been such an honour to be given an opportunity of holding such position. Thank you so much for recognising my hard work and believing I was ready to take on the new role for term 20. And I look forward to continuing to grow under your leadership.

Thank you.


External Relation Manager IMechE UNITEN Student Chapter term 2020

IMechE Uniten Student Chapter 

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