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IMechE Speak Out for Engineers (SOFE)

NUS | 26 September 2014 00:00 to 00:00
Event type: Soft Skills Presentation/Training Day

All Affiliates, Associates and Full Members registered for 10 years or less, are invited to enter the 2014 Speak Out For Engineering Competition.

Industry sector: Cross-sector.

Visit to Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex (TMUC)

SINGAPORE | 30 July 2013 14:00 to 16:00
Event type: Technical Visit

Tuas Power is hosting a technical visit for IMechE members to their Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex (TMUC) in Jurong Island this July. The Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex (TMUC), which is managed by Tuas Power subsidiary TP Utilities, is developed in line with the plans of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to establish the Tembusu industrial area of Jurong Island as a new petrochemical sector over the next five years.

Industry sector: Power Industries.

Branch Meeting and Technical Talk

SINGAPORE - Raffles Room, Tanglin Club | 03 July 2013 18:30 to 21:30
Event type: Talk

The new Singapore National Stadium is due to open in 2014 and will form part of the Singapore Sports Hub. It will have the world’s largest doom, a retractable roof spanning 310m. When the 55,000-seater stadium is completed, it will dwarf the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Texas! Now, would you be interested to go behind the scenes to know how the stadium is currently being built?

Industry sector: Construction & building services.

Site vitis to Hallin Marine

SINGAPORE Hallin Marine | 11 April 2013 00:00 to 00:00
Event type: Technical Visit

An Opportunity to learn about the commercial diving industry and the challenges of saturation diving with regard to safe engineering.

Industry sector: Offshore engineering.

Annual General Meeting

SINGAPORE | 03 April 2013 18:30 to 21:00
Event type: AGM

AGM , Dinner to review the Singapore Branch past year's activities. Learn how you can become more involved with your professional institution. Register your interest to attend by clicking on the event heading and completing the Event registration form on the detail page accessed from Singapore Events.

Industry sector: Cross-sector.
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