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Third Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust Lecture

SINGAPORE - National University of Singapore | 04 August 2009 18:30 to 21:00
Event type: Technical Lecture

The global demand for energy is increasingly met by offshore oil and gas exploration and production. The speaker has been involved in the construction and installation of some major projects and recognizes that Installation Engineering, through an integrated methodology in engineering for production and installation, will enhance competitiveness by enabling faster and safe construction. Research and development results on lift system, lift components and knowledge-based engineering design system

Industry sector: Offshore engineering.

Engineering Domain Knowledge Managemen

SINGAPORE - National University of Singapore | 16 June 2009 18:00 to 19:30
Event type: Technical Lecture

There is a need for a low cost platform to integrate computer aided engineering domain knowledge. The speaker will discuss such a platform called The Rapid Engineering Application Development Platform (READP). This is an open discussion on how engineering domain knowledge management can be achieved through a software platform design concept. The speaker will demonstrate the potential value of such technology with real life engineering applications. The past experience of speaker in the design &

Industry sector: Cross-sector.
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