University of Glasgow (Singapore) Student Chapter

We are an IMechE Student Chapter located in Singapore Institute of Technology/University of Glasgow (SIT/UofG). IMechE SIT/UofG was established in 2018, with the mission to promote engineering. Our 3 biggest aims are to increase participation by increasing the number of affiliated members, garner interest and awareness by planning engineering related events for the members and lastly develop effective skills sets among our members. IMechE SIT/UofG consist of a group of passionate engineering students, with our Academic Liaison Officer (ALO), Dr David Li.

Message from the Chair

Good day to everyone,

On behalf of the SIT-UofG IMechE student chapter 3 i am very excited to welcome you to our page on the IMechE near you website. Our student committee is committed to following IMechE’s vision and mission as well as fulfilling our responsibilities as a student chapter by increasing the number of IMechE members, garner more interest and awareness for IMechE and lastly to ensure our IMechE members in school develop effective skill sets for work. 

We hope that our page serves as a helpful guide to understanding our student chapter organisation and events. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or need any help from us! Thank you for your time and attention!


Best regards,
Brandon Koh
Chair of IMechE Student Chapter 3 (SIT-UOG)


Message from Vice Chair

Hello there!

Welcome to our SIT-UofG IMechE near you website. Our Student Chapter committee is filled with friendly and enthusiastic people and we strive to achieve IMechE’s vision and mission through organising various events for our members.

Not a member yet? No worries! You can talk to any of the committee members to find out how to join IMechE as a member.

You can also learn more about our events on our Facebook and Instagram page. All event details will be posted there from time to time. Don’t forget to follow our pages for more information.

Hope to see you guys during our event!


Zhen Xi
Vice-Chair of IMechE Student Chapter 3 (SIT-UOG)

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