India is having higher volumes (as compared to other countries in SAR) and City of Pune is well known base for Engineering education, automobiles and have concentration of Major Automotive Manufacturers (Passenger cars, Commercial Vehicles, Two Wheelers) like Tata Motors, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Bajaj Auto, Mahindra, etc. and their Tier I / Tier II suppliers. Not only it is manufacturing (Auto) hub but with a lot of design centers, testing organizations, are substantiating domestically and globally.
Furthermore, the premier certifying agencies like ARAI, CIRT, etc. have made Pune as more promising ground for Technology development. We feel that IMechE can play a major role in learning and growth of automotive engineers through various events & activities (Refer Annexure I - Automotive organizations horizon in Pune). In the past, IMechE India and its automotive panel has matured enough through its activities so far; to take up higher role and can consolidate IMechE position in SAR with the formation of such Center and subsequently through events/activities. Additionally, SAR activities pertaining to the formula car racing events and promoting various automotive technologies across, can be brought under one umbrella. By institutionalizing Automobile division in Pune, and with the help of Auto companies (especially supportive giants like Tata Motors), we will be able to exploit full potential of Automotive sector. This will help support higher penetration of IMechE membership, new memberships and an opportunity of forward learning. We will be able to cross pollinate the ideas and innovations (across sectors, divisions and countries) with IMechE providing an engineering substrate.

Automobile Division Activities

Planned (Generic initial business plan)

This automobile division will engage in events/activities such as –
 Learned society seminar/lecture series
 Tech-Talks, Workshops for Automotive population (Members and non-members)
 Technology Symposiums – Zonal, National, SAR and possibly at Global level
 Automobile engineering Activities in all SAR countries
 Volunteers’ meet and Management Board meetings
 Industrial Visits & Tours
 Formula car racing events and co-ordination
 Visits to HQ/relevant forums for alignment, directives and awareness
 Organize visits of Chair/officials of Automobile Division of HQ
 Support & take forward HQ initiatives in SAR member countries
 Expand membership base – All such events will generate a list of potential contacts from automotive sector industries, institutes and academia. With the help of Mr. Prabal Sarma – Principal advisor (IMechE India – HQ) and personal involvement from senior members, we would promote, encourage and facilitate membership for continuance, upgrade and new registrations. With the formal approval for Automobile division from HQ, yet by meeting resolution dated 17.02.18 within the automotive members, a formal committee** was formed to undertake activities as Automobile Technical Centre – Pune (India). With support from companies like Tata Motors, Automotive test systems, Herman, etc. and students chapters; we have already (successfully) conducted handful of automotive events.


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