This automobile division continues to engage in events/activities such as –

·Learned society seminar/lecture series
·Tech-Talks, Workshops for Automotive population (Members and non-members)
·Technology Symposiums – Zonal, National, SAR and possibly at Global level
·Automobile engineering Activities in all SAR countries
·Volunteers’ meet and Management Board meetings
·Industrial Visits & Tours
·Formula car racing events and co-ordination
·Visits to HQ/relevant forums for alignment, directives and awareness
·Organize visits of Chair/officials of Automobile Division of HQ
·Support & take forward HQ initiatives in SAR member countries
·Expand membership base – With all potential contacts from automotive sector industries, institutes & academia and personal involvement from senior members;  we would promote, encourage & facilitate membership for networking, growth & development of Engineering fraternity.

The activities, both planned and completed necessitates the fusing and collaboration within the divisions (namely, Process, Automobile, Railway and Aerospace) for interdependencies of technologies, superimposing ideas and to co-create innovations. This will enable to utilize experience of senior members and enthusiasm of young members put together for betterment, development and growth of engineering fraternity and society in general. The ideas from various sectors can be extended and/or cross applied. 

The enriched and broad knowledge data base, then can be used effectively to add facets to the events and activities of Automobile division. This will allow farther and deeper reach across country, and hopefully across region. With the strategic advantage of Pune, the automobile technical center can cater to even SAR countries for exchange of ideas, involvement, learning opportunities

With the collaborative approach and interdependency within IMechE India Branch, Divisions and zonal panels, we aim to achieve greater heights in terms of value addition to engineering Society, learning and growth for development and augmenting membership base for IMechE.

Mahesh Shinde (Fellow & CEng, IMechE):

Chair, Automobile Division (India Tech. Centre - Pune); IMechE India

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