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IoT India Congress 2017, Bengaluru

14-15 September 2017

The India Branch of the Institution of Engineering and Technology held the Second India Internet Of Things (IoT) Congress at Bangalore on 14th and 15th September 2017. Well over 700 delegates (including 80 speakers) and engineers from academia, industry and government entities came together at this conclave. IMechE was an Associate of the Congress.

In her keynote address the Indian Government’s Telecommunication Secretary Aruna Sundararajan highlighted that 10 to 15 million new jobs were likely to be created in the country by this sunrise industry. Professor Jeremy Watson, president IET provided an overview of the current situation in the UK and the policy framework that was evolving. 

There were eight streams of discussions on   healthcare, manufacturing, smart living and cities, emerging technologies, rejuvenating the River Ganges, telecommunications, standards and digital payments. In particular the status of telecommunication capability in India and the intensive work being done on establishing inclusive standards for the nascent industry were presented. The speakers and the audience at these two seminars demonstrated an impressive state of knowledge of issues and ways of creating inclusive and flexible enabling frameworks for the industry. Some of the 200+  IoT start up firms, as well as established companies in electronics and IT, had stalls showcasing their products. Interesting workshops were held on subjects like block chains to authenticate devices and the essentials of flying drones. Robotics and big data were discussed in sessions relating to standards and privacy  and telecommunication backbone capability. Nevertheless the importance of these IoT products and outputs in manufacturing, maintenance and engineering development should have been discussed more intensively, particularly in the context of developing economies.

A snap from IoT India Congress 2017, Bangalore on 14-15 September, 2017

IMechE Southern India Panel's Learned Society event

20th May 2017

Knowledge is an organisational resource. In the present technologically progressing world, sharing of knowledge through various institutional bodies has become an important professional development asset. One such opportunity was presented by India Branch Southern Panel.

A large number of industry experts, academia, Chartered Engineers and students across several disciplines participated. Vijay Raman, Chairman, Southern India Panel, IMechE India introduced the speakers and chaired the seminar. 

The event began with an introduction by Mr. Prabal Sharma, Principal Regional Adviser IMechE, India chapter on institution work and facts to enhance knowledge and encourage more engineers to become professionally chartered and accredited. He highlighted IMechE’ s role in reaching out to young engineers and students toenhance their knowledge base.

Topic: The Engineering and Business Connect

Engineers have been invaluable contributors to society and the world at large. Since the Industrial Revolution engineering has made the world an efficient, secure, healthier and comfortable environment to live in. Mechanical Engineers have been an invaluable part of this.

The talk is essentially the journey of two Mechanical Engineers – one who moved from Manufacturing to Business and could handle multifaceted roles with success. The second one is of a Mechanical Engineer who could set up a leading and successful global Engineering Services Company in only 20 years. It will throw up learnings from these two journeys and establish how Mechanical Engineers can also be successful Business Leaders.

Topic: Condition Monitoring - Advances in Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Industry 

Automation of power plants, chemical plants and manufacturing processes, as well as in technical products like automobiles, aircraft, medical devices and other precision mechanical devices have increasingly progressed in recent years. The method of early detection of faults and to diagnose their origins using real-time software model will improve reliability and availability, safety, process condition based maintenance and repair, fault tolerances and overall asset management. 

Topic: Elements of Railway Rolling Stock

The talk is about the design of railway passenger coaches as a holistic creative process and the constraints involved.


The event concluded with Ravi Kochak Chairman, India Branch IMechE, summing up the principal lessons and how to go forward; and a vote of thanks by Mir Moazam Ali, Young Member Representative, Southern India Panel, IMechE India.

Speak Out for Engineering (SOFE) Southern India Panel Heat 2017

27th May 2017

The Southern India SOFE competition was hosted at the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad on 27th May 2017. The Young Members Panel of IMechE India and IARE Student Chapter India jointly organized this event where engineers showcased their talents by speaking on mechanical engineering subjects.

Young members of IMechE India from reputed organizations in Southern India participated in this competition. The judges were Dr. L. V. Narasimha Prasad, Principal, IARE; Mr. N Krishna Mohan FIE Retd. Director, HAL; Dr.K.G.K Murti , Retd. DGM BHEL; Dr. P Srinivasa Rao FIE, Professor, IARE Hyderabad; Dr.G.Venkata Ramana FIE HoD (Civil Engg.), IARE Hyderabad ; Dussa Govardhan, Professor and Head (Aero. Engg.) and Prof. V.V.S.Harinath Prasad, Professor and Head (Mech. Engg.), IARE, Hyderabad. Mr. Abhishek Joshi was declared the winner and  Mr. Abhishek Raghav was the runner up at the event.

The event was a success as there were a 50% increase in the number of participants and the organizers were particularly proud that 30 people attended the competition.

 The organizing committee from IMechE's Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE) student chapter India were Gurram  Shravani, R.Sai Neelalohith,Abhishek Raghav, Tammala Suma, Gangishetti Roja, Kanneganti Jahnavi, Darelli Bhanu Shankar, Nookalamarri Suraj, Sachin Kumar Jadav. This event was held under the aegis of  IMechE Southern  India Panel . They were Mr.  Vijay Raman, Mr. Srinivasan Nagasamy, Mr. M V Aditya Nag, Mr. Magdhum Basha and Mr. Mir Moazam Ali.


‘Women who INSPIRE- 2017’ – an event to mark the International Women’s Month of March, successfully held by the ImechE India- West zone team

Pune, 15th March 2017

The event titled Women who INSPIRE, conducted by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, West Zone team as a part of the International Women’s Month of March was an initiative undertaken to give young female engineers to be an opportunity to hone their presentation skills and take a deep dive into discovering topics outside their engineering domain. The events success lies in the fact that young female engineering students participated in huge numbers with a total of 21 entries coming from the two student chapters in the west zone. The keynote speech delivered by Ms. Sangeeta Tiwary, Project Lead, TATA Technologies, an accomplished Production Engineer herself, was engrossing and exciting at the same time, for young engineers who were soon to face the industry.

The ‘Women who INSPIRE’ event was structured on a two tier approach. Firstly, presentations were called for, from the student chapters at AISSMS CoE and MITAOE. A total of 21 entries in the form of presentations ranging from IoT used in Milk Delivery system to the Uber Business Model were received and later the top six presentations who qualified for the last lap, battled to grab the top three coveted positions.

The highlights of Women who INSPIRE were:

  • IMechE-Industry-Academia bonding.
  • Participation of women engineers in huge numbers.
  • Diversity in terms of topics chosen apart from their specialisation fields.

The deadline of presentations was kept as the 13th of March, 1300 hours. A whooping 21 presentations were received which were scrutinised by Mr. Sachin Thakur on the basis of diversity, relevant content, flow of presentation to name a few. The top 6 which were chosen were then asked to present on the 15th of March.

The event was held in AISSMS CoE, Pune. The event kicked off at around 1300 hours with Mr. Mahesh Shinde (Hon. Secretary IMechE, India) addressing the audience with the purpose and significance of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

This was followed by felicitation of the judges, Mrunal Hatwalane (Chair, IMechE India, West Zone), and Sachin Thakur (Member, IMechE) for the event by Mr. Shinde. 

It was interesting to see the young presenters brave the questions from judges and audience alike. 

The judges Mrunal Hatwalane and Sachin Thakur had a tough time evaluating and deciding the winners out of contestants with their close performances. Their criteria for choosing the top three presentations were storytelling, presentation skills, how confidently were the audience questions taken up and how much effort was put to simplify the topic chosen to make a layman understand, to name a new.

The keynote speech delivered by Ms. Sangeeta Tiwary bolstered faith in the young female mechanical engineers. She made them believe that the industry is not that bad for women after all. Narrating her story of the bold decision, she took to pursue production engineering 22 years ago to where she is now, was something the audience heard keenly. With an exuberant personality, Sangeeta was able to win hearts of many.

Prof. Wagere (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, AISSMS CoE) and Prof. Kulkarni (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, MITAOE) were instrumental in spreading a word about the event and ensuring maximum participation from their respective colleges. Prof. Kulkarni went on to share his experience with the ImechE so far.

Amritha Madapur was declared the winner for her presentation on Disney’s Wireless Charging Room. Rujuta Kulkarni for her presentation on Internet of Things used in Milk Delivery System and Anumol Abraham for Augmented Reality bagged the 1st Runner’s up and 2nd Runner’s up positions 

The vote of thanks was given by Ms. Shraddha Panchbhai (Affiliate member, IMechE Student Chapter at AISSMS CoE)

The west zone team, especially Smriti Mehta and Alok Nahata made sure that the event was carried out seamlessly with a success!

The event ended with high expectations and the colleges are looking forward to the upcoming SOFE ’17 competitions.


Intra College Undergraduate's Technical Seminar

IARE student chapter , February 28, 2017

IARE student chapter India in collaboration with MTE Industries Pvt. Ltd, have conducted an Intra College Undergraduate's Technical Seminar during 28th February, 2017 to 10th March, 2017. The theme of the program was represented by Prof .V. V. S. Harinath Prasad, HOD, Mechanical engineering Department, IARE. More than 120 participants (including 55 IMechE student affiliates) have participated in this technical seminar. This program was conducts to improve the student’s verbal and visual communication skills in explaining technical mechanical engineering related areas. This event was organised under the Mechanical Engineering Faculty members of IARE, Hyderabad. 

This program was formally concluded by Mr. M V Aditya Nag, ALO (IARE Student Chapter India) & Secretary, Southern India region, IMechE India Branch, on the note of institution recommends and supports innovative ideas and experimental projects in the respective field of specializations, so as to contribute to the R&D projects of the industry. The importance of new innovative ideas and inventions required to improve India’s economic stature. On this occasion, The Principal Dr. L V N Prasad, IARE, encouraged as "IARE college management is always open to encourage student associations which help in concentrating the energies of students in resourceful means. Such dreams can be fulfilled by being active participants of student chapters (such as IMechE, SAE India, and IEEE)".     
Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad is one amongst most active student chapter of IMechE in Southern India. The IARE IMechE student chapter was as initially formed by Mr. M V Aditya Nag AMIMechE (as ALO) along with student affiliate members in the year 2015. The IARE IMechE student chapter is currently having about 168 student affiliate member and becomes one amongst the leading promoter till day to promote IMechE and its spirit throughout the students of Telangana state, India.

IMechE INDIA Branch successfully convened Annual General Meeting’17

Pune, February 18, 2017

Institute to Mechanical Engineering India Branch successfully convened its Annual General Meeting at Hyatt Regency on 18 February 2017. The AGM was in continuation with the previous day’s event-“CONNECTONOMY” which brought the presence of industry experts and captivating discussions on Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicle technology.

The AGM commenced with the Welcome and Introduction address by the Chairman of IMechE India branch, Mr. Ravi Kochak. He addressed the gathering and gave an overview of the India Branch Activities and the Way forward for the coming years. Mr. Mahesh Shinde, Secretary and Acting Treasurer of IMechE India, then addressed the members. He updated the attendees with the “CONNECTONOMY” automotive event that was organized superbly under his leadership. Mr. Shinde also hinted about the plans to form IMechE Automotive Division in Pune, which really excited the Pune predominant attendees. He also presented the IMechE expenditure for the year and suggested the need to modify the accounting format in light of the sponsorships, which are to be sought for.

The Panel/Division members from different zones then presented their panel/division reports regarding the activities that were conducted in the past year. The attendees appreciated the initiatives presented by the Panel.

Mr. Sam Perera, Chairman SAR addressed the AGM with emphasis on increasing the full members in student chapters and shared the update from SAR and ISB meetings. He also shared his willingness to support the Automotive Division in Pune. Mr. Paul Arora then shared his directives for the new treasurer and his benign guidance for Young Member activities.

Mr. Siddartha Khastgir, Chair IYMC introduced IYMC structure and committee updates. He also emphasized on the conversion rate of affiliates to members and what YMs should do to increase the conversions. Then, Ms. Joanna Horton, Director IMechE HQ addressed the members and congratulated India Branch for acquiring top position in new memberships and explained the Strategic Imperatives for 2017.

The addresses were followed by the Election and its results declaration, which were presented by Ms. Alisha Fernandes, International administrator, IMechE. While many members continued at their previous positions, some members very elected for superior positions. The results were followed by a vote of thanks by Mr. Mahesh Shinde to all members for their efforts and support for back-to-back successful event.

Overall, both the events culminated of a high note, with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment from all delegates and volunteers. The efforts put by the organising team were clearly during the proceedings of the event.

Contact MAHESH SHINDE ( for details


CONNECTONOMY – IMechE event embarking the future of Automotive Industry in India.

Pune, February 17, 2017

The Indian automotive industry is in transition and facing new challenges. Technological Advancements have enabled groundbreaking new opportunities and opened up new business avenues. Aware of these developments, IMechE India organized the ‘CONNECTONOMY’ event at Hyatt Regency on  17th February 2017 to create a platform for automobile manufacturers, its suppliers and leading experts of the related industries and public institutions to share and discuss the future prospects of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

The event started with an Introduction to IMechE by Mr. Prabal Sharma, Principal Regional Advisor, IMechE, which was followed by presentations. The first keynote for the day was presented by Mr. Dilip Krishna from BOSCH on the topic “Autonomous Driving – Way to go”, which touched upon the sensor and control systems that would be key towards the autonomous vehicles. Then   keynote on “Connected Car Technology and Autonomous Vehicle” by Mr. Manoj Shukla (Tata Motors) and Mr. A. Suresh (TMETC). They touched on the nuances of the theme “Connectonomy” and intrigued the audiences with how technology is going to shape the future. With Connected-cars in place and increasing no. of ECUs in vehicle, embedded security becomes extremely important and Mr. Khushwant Pawar (ETAS) presented his keynote and shared their preparedness to tackle this important issue.

Mr. Arvin Baalu (HARMAN) captivated the audience by showing a glimpse of the future automotive cockpit. Mr. Omkar Panse and Mr. Chaitanya Rajguru from KPIT presented the final presentation for the day. They delineated the importance of cyber security in the future of automotive industry and shared case studies regarding the same.

All the presentations were very informative and settled carefully touched different aspects of the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. All the speakers were then felicitated by       Dr. Tim Leverton, Head – Advanced and Product Engineering, Tata Motors Limited.

Then the most awaited event of Panel Discussion commenced with an esteemed and Panel Members. The Panel included Dr. Tim Leverton, Dr. Roshy John (TCS), Mr. Debashis Mukherjee (HARMAN),    Mr. Mahavir Patil (ETAS) and Mr. Apurbo Kirty (M&M). Mr. Sachin Thakur (Tata Motors Limited) moderated the discussion. The panel discussion started with their individual perception the future of automotive industry. Different aspects of connected cars and autonomous vehicles like technology, business model, privacy etc. were discussed. The discussion culminated with interesting headlines for 2025 newspaper from each member.

The event concluded with sumptuous dinner and networking with all attendees, which gave an opportunity especially to young members to interact with industry leaders.

IMechE India Branch Elections 2017: List of Elected members

India Branch:

India Branch Chairman – Ravi Kochak
India Branch Vice Chairman – Satish Gupta
India Branch Secretary – Mahesh Shinde
India Branch Treasurer – Avadhesh Bahadur
India Branch Young Member Representative – Rohan Thapar
Indian Branch Young Member Secretary – Ankit Sharma
Webmaster – Ankit Sharma
Committee Member – Rafi Syed

Railway Division:

Railway Secretary – Amit Ramteke

Automotive Division:

Automotive Secretary
– Amanbir Singh
Automotive Co Secretary – Manasi Mone


Northern Panel:

Chair – Amit Ramteke
Secretary – Vishal Goyal
Treasurer – Avadhesh Bahadur
Young Member Representative – Piyush Sethi

Western Panel:
Chair – Mrunal Hatwalne
Secretary – Manasi Mone
Treasurer – Mrunal Hatwalne
Young Member Representative – Alok Nahata

Eastern Panel:
Chair – Ashutosh Banerjee
Vice Chair – Varun Bharthuar
Secretary – Tapan Kumar Biswas
Treasurer – K. Bose
Young Member Representative – Sumit Narula

Southern Panel:

Chair – Vijay Raman
Vice Chair – Sreenivasan
Secretary – M V Aditya
Treasurer – Magdum Basha Mulla
Young Member Representative – Mir Moazam Ali



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