IMechE & Process Division –

Improving the world through Engineering, the Institution of Mechanical Engineer (IMechE) is one of the fastest growing professional engineering organizations with over 113,000 members in 140 countries.

IMechE endeavours to improve the engineering world not just in the field of Mechanical Engineering but also other Engineering streams, which support the mechanical engineering industry. It is a go-forward organization with global reach that truly represents and reflects the profession, thus encouraging professional registration and long-term career development. In order to catalyse the collaboration within R&D amongst Railway engineers in India and UK, the institution has set up an IMechE Railway Division at Lucknow, India, which is first of its kind outside UK.  On similar lines, an Automotive Division and Process Division are also being planned in India.

The Indian core industry sectors are in transition phase and facing new challenges. Technological Advancements have enabled ground breaking new opportunities and opened up new business avenues. The Process sector comprising of various verticals such as Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Piping & Structures, Food, Waste management, Environment, etc., are undergoing a sea change & surely the India Tech enter (Process division) will help accelerate development and knowledge transfer through medium of IMechE.

IMechE provides the, with global access to world-class talent and expertise from varied domains of mechanical and manufacturing areas. This necessitates a stronger need for all of us to remain connected at all times to the outer world.

The synergetic equation from Electronics and Information Technology sectors are changing the business paradigm and face of all collaborative industries such as Pharma, Agri., Piping, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aeronautical, IT sector, etc. A common thread now is to collaborate to co-create for work life balance. The process Division is to provide such common platform for all of us to provide development opportunities, access to new technology and resolve the challenges.


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