Propellair First Workshop 2019

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09 January 2019 09:00 - 17:00
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Every year, IMeche NED student chapter organizes mega event of Propellair for the students. Since this event takes serious toil, a workshop is arranged to assist students regarding the designing, fabrication and other necessary tasks to hold chances in the competition.  

Event Heads:


The event was made possible by the efforts of:

  1. Mr. Abdur Rehman

  2. Mr. Waleed Raza

  3. Mr. Ammar Fasih

  4. Mr. Ahmed Baig

How the session progressed:


This workshop session took place in main auditorium and it was a great sight as whole auditorium was jam-packed with the students. We were honored to have representatives of other societies as our guests.

The session of workshop took glimpsing start with the recitation of Holy verses of Quran, followed by a brief introduction of the event by none other than our Co-Head Technical, Mr. Abdur Rehman. He was also one assigned to fill the boots of the host.

Technical session:

The Technical session of workshop took the initiative as Mr. Ammar Fasih, Co-Director technical shed the light on the most important aspect of RC plane flight, the Aircraft Basics. The students were also able to gain knowledge regarding the designing, dimensioning and categories of Propellair. He also gave information about the flight control surfaces.

The technical session was carried on by the technical head, Ahmed Baig who enlightened the audience with not only the description about parts of propellair but also with different laws of physics taking place during flight namely Law of Conservation of momentum and Bernoulli’s theory. He further discussed how these were limited during actual practice and had a discussion about different forces acting on the propellair during its time in the air.   

Then question-answer session was held to assist the audience with anything that they may not have understood. The Director of Technical, Mr. Waleed Raza took this responsibility and carried it out in very smooth manners, clearing away all the doubts and difficulties in the minds of audience.

Motivational session:


With all the questions taken care of, the session moved towards a bit of motivational side with Mr. Fahim, Advisor to chairman coming forward to share his views about the importance of such events in the life of students since one should also have practical knowledge of his work along the theoretical one. As a former participant of Propellair, he was also able to address difficulties encountered during the event and further shared his views about overcoming them.

The session came to an end with the appearance of a position holder, alumni of NED and a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Sunain Hassan. He shared his words of wisdom about the importance, such events hold in the life of a student. He also stressed upon moving out of your comfort and take part in extracurricular activities like these to outshine others as being a bookworm is only focusing on studies isn’t going to do you any good if you don’t know the implementation of the theoretical knowledge in your practical life. He also paid emphasis on keep giving 100% on every thing you do and talked about the leadership qualities. 

The session moved towards the end with Sunain Hassan concluding the event. Then the student chair, Mr. Adeel Yaqub with Mr. Asad Iqbal, presented Sunain Hassan with certificate for his glorious achievement and performances in academics and field work.

Benefits of the event:


It can help us engineers by providing an insight of not only putting our theoretical knowledge into practical work but also providing an opportunity to work as a unit in form of team, teaching us to capitalize on the teamwork. Such events have a potential to revolutionize the industrial sector by bringing new ideas to the table.


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