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IMechE Sri Lanka Group is having a history since 1997. The SL group grew in its size and activity levels over past few years. The current membership of the group is nearing 1000. There are 4 active student chapters.

Chairman's Message

Dear Members of the IMechE Sri Lanka Group,

I am honored to take on the role of Chair for the IMechE Sri Lanka Group. Our group, a small yet formidable force within the South Asia region, has cultivated a strong corporate culture over the past 25 years. As we move forward, I am committed to not only preserving but also enhancing our core values and expanding our reach.

Membership Development and Retention One of my primary objectives will be to focus on membership development and retention. I believe that our strength lies in our members, and by increasing our numbers and ensuring that our current members feel valued and supported, we can achieve even greater heights.

Addressing Local Challenges I am also dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by Sri Lankan engineers. By providing targeted support and resources, we can help our members overcome obstacles and advance in their professional lives. This includes offering professional development opportunities, creating platforms for knowledge sharing, and advocating for the needs of engineers within the country.

Collaborative Efforts In addition, I plan to foster close working relationships with parallel institutions, both locally and globally. By collaborating with these organizations, we can contribute to the development of the engineering profession not just within Sri Lanka, but on a global scale. These partnerships will allow us to share insights, resources, and best practices, ultimately benefiting our members and the broader engineering community.

Together, I am confident that we can continue to build on our strong foundation and drive the IMechE Sri Lanka Group to new levels of success. I look forward to working with all of you and am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Thank you for your continued support and dedication.



Lasantha Kurukularachchi, MIMechE, CEng

IMechE Sri Lanka Group


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